Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education

Pedagogical credo

Openness, empathy and responsibility are the fundamentals of active citizenship, pluralism, solidarity and civil dialogue.

To increase openness, empathy and responsibility in society, we need to target children and youth. Children are the members of tomorrow’s society, capable of new ideas with a developing personality. We should empower more and more children to understand the values of democracy, be sensitive to social problems, have the ability to ask valid questions and examine answers from multiple points of view, so they will become open-minded, empathic and responsible.

To reach children, we need a tool that will deeply interest and engage them. We should teach them through the art form of theatre and drama, and through dramatic role-play and stories in which the pupils become actively engaged in exploratory investigation of moral, social or curriculum contents and what it means to be human in a contemporary world. In this way they become enabled and empowered – active and thinking citizens.

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